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Pond in Griblje

This small, but beautiful, pond is not well known, except to locals. It lies in the fields between the villages of Griblje and Krasinec. On the pond a small wooden cabin and bridge were built. The pond is frequently visited by various animals including storks have been known to visit. It is a natural habitat for many insects, bugs and worms.

The  area  around  is  well  maintained  and  cared  for by  the  locals.  Water  lilies  populate  the  pond  as well as  other  water  based  grasses.  Dragonflies have  a  natural habitat here. The water level is about the same throughout the year, but can drop in very dry seasons.


What to do

  • Enjoy the surroundings and relax,

  • tables are appropriate for picnics

  • bird and other animal watching​.


Where to discover

To get to the Pond at Griblje, on the main Gradac-Metlika road, driving to Metlika, before Gradac ends, turn right. At the next crossroad turn right again. Alternatively you could drive to Podzemelj drive strait. When you get to Krasinec village, drive for about 1,5 km and park your car near the road. You cannot drive your car to the pond. Walk to the pond  for about 500 m between the fields to get to the pond.