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Sodevska stena

Sodevska stena & Sodevski pond are two separate location withing walking distance. The pond has a stone enclosure with many trees planted next to it. Sodevska stena is located a few 100 m away. It is one of the most recognizable features of park Kolpa and offers a great of of Poljanska valley below. 

Sodevski pond was once used a water source for cattle. Evidence of this can be found right next to the pond where remains of old stables are located. The pond is also a natural habitat for many different insects, frogs and birds. Sodevska stena is one of the main attractions of the regional park Kolpa. It offers and unprecedented view of Poljanska valley, that was carved by Kolpa river. From this location Stari trg (Old market) village can be seen, as well of Kozice viewpoint and many villages from Slovenia and Croatia.


What to do

  • Next to Sodevski pond are benches and a table for viewing and relaxing.

  • You can view the area for the remains of old stables.

  • There is a bench near Sodevska stena that provides a resting place.

  • The area is protected by a chain to prevent people from falling but caution is advised.

  • Wear appropriate footwear when visiting Sodevska stena. There are smooth rocks with jagged edges, we advise caution.


Where to discover

Sodevska stena and pond are located near the Vinica-Stari trg road. While traveling to Stari trg from Vinica, after the village of Hrib, a sign for Sodevska stena is located on the right. Follow is, the pond is about 100 m from the main road. To get to Sodevska stena leave your car near the pond and walk forward past the pond. After about 150 m you will get to a forest cross road. Turn left. There are signs located there to help you on your way. Sodevska stena is located another 200 m from the cross road.